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Please Join Me in Welcoming DR ROSA CATALDO from Sono Gioventù BACKGROUND: I have been a physician several years and have always had an affinity and excitement for skin. Skin physiology is amazing……as an organ -it is a barrier that protects our internal body from the outside world. I love the challenge of understanding the different skin types, how each person’s skin reacts and acts differently to certain environments. As a doctor I have knowledge and understanding of skin and the physiology, what potentiates and damages and what can help repair and restore. Skin is beautiful! Yet most are so negatively critical about the way they look or about their skin. Dr Cataldo will help clients to set realistic goals, and maintain a look that keeps them satisfied and looking beautiful. Services: BioTE (bioidentical hormones) Peptides Botox Fillers Threads Upneeq Photo gallery: Please call for an Appointment: 631.837.3445

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