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Facials and their purpose for Men and Women

#facials are one of the easiest skincare treatments that someone could take time out to get... the purpose of a facial is to Deep Cleanse the skin of everyday debris that can cause clogged pores dull skin and other skin issues...

Point being said... the #Facial starts with a deep cleaning with the appropriate cleanser, following an exfoliant which will slough off all debris that have been clinging on to the skin creating that dull appearance, Sometimes the skin has ailments such as white heads or black heads maybe milia may be present and can be extracted accordingly with the warmth of steam shower to open the pores to help release the embedded debris, that will be extracted with a technique suitable for that specific ailment, by the skin tech. As we move forward in this treatment warm towels or "cool" can be used to cleanse all debris that have been extracted. Following this... the next step is to Apply a suitable mask for the treatment of choice whether it is #Antiaging#Blemishcontrol#Acne#Normalskin#Oilskin...It is then placed on the face, and you will receive a calming massage for the duration of the mask... After the mask is removed, Serums, Creams, Moisturizers and SPF will be chosen for you specific skin type.

(There is no down time for this treatment...)

You will be #Glowing with Fresh healthy skin.

*Other modalities can be applied to a facial such as: chemical peels, dermaplaning and etc..

*this process is based on a basic facial at Satori the beauty bar

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